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Kiss Flyduino Bullet Proof ESC Covers for 24amp and 32amp

We have specifically designed these to help prevent prop strike damage and also protect during a crash for Flyduino Kiss 24 amp and 32 amp ESC's.  We wanted to go with a light weight option and also make it durable and dependable in a crash.  We decided to make our own product.  The video will show you how to make these on your own and the required information to make them is listed below. At FLYLOWFPV we strive to make

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Battle of the Champs! We made the NEWS!

https://youtu.be/fwvsyG9cRZY   Thanks you MultiGP!  We were excited to sponsor the Battle of the Champs Race a few weeks back!   Alex Vanover took the win and is a local pilot!  We sponsored prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  We are striving to make the Texas area better and will continue to help support our local community as well as all of customers domestic and foreign.   Thanks everyone for the support. And remember for quality Nylon or TPU parts visit

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Soft Mount ESC – Mount it like the Pros!

  https://youtu.be/7cu88MJH_Qo   This will keep your esc's isolated from the carbon on your frame.  Take a note at the precision and tips in this video, it will help keep your quad locked!   What you will need for this. Items: Scotch Clear Sticky Tape - Local Ace Hardware (20x15mm) and (5mm x15mm) Sharp Razor Blade Beverage of Choice   Get the bullet proof esc covers here

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Custom Built FLYLOWFPV Alien

  https://youtu.be/Typ13KUdX9A   Mr. Steele has been flying Aliens since day one and now we finally have a kit that is modeled exactly on his ideal build. The core of the design that makes the Alien so successful has not changed, ImpulseRC, just added, tweaked and customized to his tastes. You can expect to see chamfered edges, black 7075 aluminum hardware, pre-cut foam wedge as Steele’s preferred GoPro mount and other tweaks. Of course for it to be a

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